About Us

About Us

Since our inception in the year 2016 as a consultancy service, Vamah Group has come a long way to become the leading name in the business world in Dubai. With our superior work ethic and excellent services, we have managed to become the leading name in the world of consultancy in Dubai, UAE. We have successfully handled various projects for some of the biggest names in the corporate world.

We have a team of expert consultants having years of experience in various business consultancy services and have helped numerous clients from a wide range of domains. Some of our most popular services include: –

Digital Marketing

SEO Marketing

PPC Advertising


SMS Marketing

Web Designing

ISO Consultancy

ISO Training and Implementation

Various business consultancy services

We are truly passionate about the growth of our client’s business and ensure that all our clients experience the full benefit of our services offered by some of the most experienced consultants in the Dubai business circle. Our consultants come from different cultural backgrounds and have rich experience in handling a variety of business situations with ease.

Our digital marketing services are designed by keeping the latest trends in the industry and help our clients register a strong presence on the internet and achieve their digital marketing goals in quick time. Our consultants have many years of experience of working in this sector and are able to help our clients register a strong brand presence online by leveraging their skills.

For our ISO and other certification consultancy services, our consultants work in close consultation with our client companies in order to identify the areas where there is scope for improvement, then develop the roadmap for handling the discrepancies, implementing the suggestions, keeping a regular check on the progress of the plan and introduction of necessary changes, as and when required.

We are in the business to help our clients realize the actual potential of their business and enhance the efficiency of their operations, which helps them in maximizing their profits. Our customer care team works round the clock to ensure that any questions or queries that our clients have are answered in real time basis.